Book Review | Urban Heroes by T.J. Lockwood

Urban Heroes

Title: Urban Heroes

Author: T.J. Lockwood

Genre: New Adult/Fantasy/Science-Fiction


e-arc (.mobi)

Publication Date:

June 14th, 2018


Mecha Panda Publishing



The creation of the twelve skyward cities did more for mankind than the renaissance of old. With them came a new species created to serve the ideals of the future. To Calista Ridley, an android is an android, just like heroes are little more than fairy tales. She knows the world is far from perfect, and that human nature is not something to be proud of. But she also sees the storm forming on the horizon. As a pilot of Voltza, her past decisions are set to shape the future in a way no one could have predicted. The lines between man and machine are blurring at a rapid pace. Innovation never comes without a price.


At first, I was skeptical if I should read Urban Heroes, I thought it was the second book in a series. It was but not really. What I meant is, it is part of a series that could be read not in a chronological order. It was set in the same bookish-universe this happens at the same time the first author’s work, Violent Skies is happening too and the upcoming book, Gunmetal Greys. For further information see here.

Urban Heroes was a quick gripping novel!

The pacing was amazing. I had no trouble connecting with Calista. Connected right away, just from a brief exposure from her was enough. Invested enough to go through till the end.

Calista is such an independent being, headstrong, strict, and a great pilot. I like her. Displayed in the book, independence could her biggest flaw. As pointed out by her friend, Bree, no one is an army. She had done everything on her own, there are people around her that will help her. And yet she would not let them. She felt real, I can feel her struggle, where all of it is coming from. The stakes were so much for her to lose and all. Which kept me glued for some time. I wanted to know if her character develops, which I now find intriguing of a way to be put in resolution.

World building, what had happened between humans and the androids. The depiction of the world, they are in now, the aftermath of all that has happened was good. There was fair news on different sides of the world about what resulted in or what not, there and that. I find it a bit hard to put down. I mean ANDROIDS, SHIPS, GAUNLET WEAPON, AHHHHH! It was not a chore to read. Speaking of weapon, the action sequence was good. There was some scene that was a bit graphic, heads-up.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

“There are some stories which shouldn’t be told. They’re the ones that will crush you harder than an anvil falling from the sky. Sometimes heroes aren’t heroes at all, and as we grow older we have no choice but to acccept that. In many ways, Im looking at a child, and I’m about to break his heart. I am no legend.”





Disclosure: Copy provided by Mecha Panda Publishing and Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion. All views and opinions are my own and doesn’t necessarily reflect the author, the author’s work, the publisher or any other group of people nor receive any monetary compensation for doing this review.

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