Being a reader through the course of time and especially when on a reading streak, one had spoken out lies that your family and friends got their eyes rolling. Right? I have here seven lies that mostly we readers tried to convince ourselves but still ended up doing, the inevitability of it all.

Things listed in here are solely based from my personal experience and observations upon the bookish community and bookish friends.

1. The classic “just one more page”, “or chapter”.

Please, we all know how instances like this end up. It ends up pulling an all-nighter, a set of new eye-bags, and a finished book. Or in a worst case, a sob-fest suffering from all that feels may it be pure joy or rage.

And do, admit, it’s still something we try to avoid but cluelessly finds out when we are already fallen into the pit of excitement. And girl, was #worthit? Probably.

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2. My To-Be-Read pile is completely “under control”.

Ha-ha-ha, but really though is it really?

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With the frequent sales sprouting out here and there, and in the Philippines with the annual Manila International Book Fair, some had attended, some may not, you may not be there but in spirit or you got a friendly bookish friend whom you can make pasa-buys even, but seriously is that to-be-read pile under control as you thought it was?

Maybe? Hahaha

3. “I am on Book Buying Ban.”

Those words are empty the moment you entered a bookstore or spotted something online. It was on sale, sale, sale, sale, I know I got it bad too.

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Walking in a bookstore is a very dangerous area. So is scrolling through the internet and a bookish mutual saying that this title from your coincidentally want-to-read is on sale. Yup, Book Buying Ban no more.

I am not saying we bookworms kept on breaking the ban but at times we got to be proud of ourselves for resisting too. It’s just that once in our lives we may have broken the ban three times now. Guilty!

4. Meet my “favorite character!”

Non-reader friends had asked the million dollar question “who’s your favorite character?” At first, it’ll effortlessly slip out of your mouth. Later then something will dawn on you, followed by guilt that you forgot sweet, sweet, certain someone.

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And that is where you think about it long and hard. Indecisiveness eating you up. There simply just can’t be one, so please, do not ask such a question.

5. “I will read this series when they’re all released.”

I will read this series when they’re all released, then moments later one bookish mutual mentions it, sure, okay, but when more mutuals are raving about; how awesome and great of a book one is. Of course, joins the wagon and discuss it with everyone. And with you ended up torturing yourself with the agonizing wait for the sequels to come.

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It is a bittersweet moment, just remember your bookish mutuals are here to make it easier.

6. I’ll just admire this book~*ends up finishing it*.

Admittedly, this is one of my biggest lies. I often find myself looking at a copy I just got. Without intent whatsoever of reading, probably covering the book with plastic or taking a photo out in the garden. When moments later I find myself sending messages to my friends that they should read this too, that it was something that I know they would love solidly.

It just happened. Stop judging me.

7. Trying to convert non-reader friends to read… “reading is relaxing.”

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Yes, it is relaxing…

But when you’re way too into a book, like most case scenarios. All those stressing inducing, endless worrying for your ship, a character you love, you hate… Anticipating all that is overwhelming sometimes. Even theorizing what could happen in the books to follow. It may not be the relaxation our non-readers are expecting.

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Antsy with the anticipation of devouring all of the events in one sitting. Staying up way past sleep allocated time. Tearing up over character developments or worst a character death. It is a pain you wouldn’t even wish upon your worst enemy. All worth it and relaxing for us nonetheless.

Did I mention something that you may have told too? Did I miss out some? Let’s chat let me know and comment down.