Peas, Carrots and an Aston Martin (The Peas and Carrots Series #1)Title: Peas, Carrots, and an Aston Martin

Author: Hannah Lynn

Genre: Contemporary / Humor

Release Date: October 4th, 2018

Format:  DRC


When George Sibley dies, his only son, Eric, has no idea that his inheritance will come with conditions. Now, if Eric is to ever get his hands on his father’s treasured Aston Martin, he must somehow juggle his hectic career and family life in the city, with regular visits to the small riverside town of Burlam. Life for Eric quickly becomes a chaotic kaleidoscope of grumpy pensioners, wellington boots and vintage auto-mobiles, fraught with heavy machinery mishaps, missed deadlines and drug raids, the result of which leave his marriage, job and sanity hanging in the balance.

Peas, Carrots and an Aston Martin is a light-hearted and humorous tale of a man who reluctantly goes digging amongst the weeds in order to discover his roots. 


Peas, Carrots, and an Aston Martin was completely refreshing! It deals with balancing life among as a father, son, husband, work, family, and friends. And at it a humorously funny one.

When Eric Sibley’s father George Sibley passed, he thought that a couple of fortune will be his and his family to spend on grand vacation and such, even her daughter has plans for it. Unfortunately, it took on a whole new direction. During the instead of a grandeur peak of his life, he was left with an allotment to maintain the possession of his father’s Aston Martin.

From Hannah Lynn’s earlier work of a haunting tale of Walter Augustus in the afterlife comes a charming and funny tale of a man, Eric Sibley going through adjustments on an unmade plan.

He thought that his father was the worst person ever, with the will he left, he thinks that he will never let his old man win. Erice, contended as he is with the demands, will he competed against it? End up rediscovering a new life for him and his family? Or still, struggle against it and lose his Aston Martin.

With such more heartfelt quirky characters, I find myself enjoying and growing more interested with each chapter. Eric Sibley, an arrogant man he is, I find him very annoying, as time came through reading. His development was highly commendable. His struggles were shown with such nuance whether in his workplace, at home, and at the allotment. His wife, supporting and always scheming. I love the chemistry between them. his daughter, an artistic and frank child. Whom I adore greatly! Supporting characters as well, Uncle Norman and his wife. They are one grumpy and funny lot.

And the funny events unfolding through, it was highly enjoyable. I love how light it can get and how profound each scene would take you. In an event in work, dealing with co-workers, giving advice or simply conversing to pass by. Dining with family, going hardware shopping, planting greens, to the very littlest one was enjoyed, heartbroken by and, was entertaining to me.

I recommend it highly if you’re looking for a quick funny and heartfelt read. Enjoy your afternoon with a copy of Peas, Carrots, and an Aston Martin by Hannah Lynn.



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About the Author

Hannah Lynn

Hannah M. LynnHannah Lynn was born in 1984 and grew up in the Cotswolds, UK. After graduating from university, she spent ten years as a teacher of physics, first in the UK and then around Asia. It was during this time, inspired by the imaginations of the young people she taught, she began writing short stories for children, and later adult fiction. Her first novel, Amendments, was published in 2015, her latest novel, The Afterlife of Walter Augustus, is out July 2018. Now as a teacher, writer, wife, and mother, she is currently living in the Austrian Alps.

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