The Hometown HazardTitle: The Hometown Hazard

Author: Dawn Lanuza

Genre: Contemporary / Romance / New Adult

Release Date: January 29th, 2016

Format:  Kindle e-Book


Jules Coronado has been away from her hometown for almost a decade but when an intruder breaks in to her childhood home, she finds herself coming back. Changes evidently took place in her small town, including her childhood best friend’s younger brother, Kip – now tall, slightly scruffed, all grown up and caught climbing into their garden wall.

Kip Villamor has a mission and despite Jules’ doubts, they team up: going on fieldtrips, tackling unsuspecting men, and trespassing offices to dig up dirt. But Jules has secrets of her own, one that might be exposed – unless she keeps her walls up. But climbing walls are Kip’s forte, remember?

Will her secrets keep her on his side, or will it force her to disappear again? 


The Hometown Hazard was sensational!

It is filled with suspense on both the romantic plot and the mysterious intruder binding in the plot amazingly.

Jules received a  call from her parents’ house that their home has been intruded. And things in their home was said nothing is missing. Worried Jules comes home and visits her parents. On her first night, trouble seems to spark immediately. Someone broke into to her old room. Leaps out of the window, Jules trailing downstair to catch a glimpse. It seems like there is a hint of familiarity on who this intruder could be…

With Jules in her home after so many years, her mother invited people as a little gathering but y’all know how extra Asian moms are. During the party, she caught her childhood best friend’s brother, Kip red-handed into her father’s office. Agreeing on a deal that could is both dangerous and could be illegal.

The whole set up itself of the story is addicting, I had been holding on to the pages tightly with each scene and chapters. The mystery ganging up on the “who” is very motivating to go on, never putting down even for a toilet break. It involves Jules father into a crime that could get him in trouble. And Jules the concerned daughter she is stuck around, to get into the bottom of it. But was it, was it really? Jules? Haha!

As if the curiosity in me hasn’t been ignited enough in me. There is the slow burn chemistry going on with Jule and Kip. With their investigation; going on trips and hanging out too early in the AM could take a toll on each other. And, people I am so here for it.

The chemistry on both was paced in a way that it goes naturally. Nothing contrived nor unhealthy about it. Each character gives the time to think about it, feel all about it. What amazes me more is that this is a short pages story. I mean how, really. It’s that good.

I may have a slight uncontement with the resolution of the crime going on, nothing that can’t be improved right? AS you may have heard in my introduction that I was immediately hooked in the mystery of the crime. I was expecting a whole lot on the revelation more. And the other side characters’ exposure.

Overall, a swoon-worthy and mysterious read!

To this day, every morning I go out on my morning walk, I hear the cocks crow and I immediately thought of Jules and Kip. And I am more awake than ever.



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About Author

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetDawn Lanuza writes contemporary romance, young adult fiction and poetry. She has two first loves – music and writing – and is lucky enough to surround herself with them.

She currently lives with her family and a very loved cream toy poodle. (from Website)

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