A long time ago, I share a photo on both Twitter and Instagram about a book spray painted edges, I did myself. Well, technically with the help of my aunt~whom I am older because of my grandmother’s big family, blah, blah, another tale to tell…

So, a lot had been asking how I did it and people suggested that I should do a blog post about it. And I said, okay. I wanted to share this immediately but life outside the blog happens and admittedly I had been struggling to keep up with the post. I hadn’t gone hiatus just yet. I had been carefully scheduling posts; all is good for now.

And in case you are wondering I was scared by the outcome of this activity as well. If you’re wondering how it all went? Continue reading below. You won’t be disappointed!

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What you’ll be needing:

  • The book you want to spray paint
  • Newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Weights/stack of big heavy books
  • Acrylic Spray Paint
  • Patience [hahaha]

What I did:

Step 1:

Since this involves the possibility of messy paint being around, I took the activity outdoors. I cleared a table for a place to work on. I proofed it with newspapers, it could be later cleaned efficiently.

Step 2:

I took the book I wanted to paint the edges of. If you’re doing hardcover books, remove the dust jacket, if not just proceed to cover the book with the newspaper at all sides.


Tip! Make sure the book’s top and bottom are more secure or it’ll be painted as well.


Step 3:

After having it all secured. Place the book where you wanted it to be sprayed and put all the weights on it. In my case, I used a slab of stone. It’s for my lola’s palo-palo when she does her laundry. [It’s a custom in the Philippines when you are going to kula your clothes.]

Newspaper proofed the place so less mess. The slab of stone is on top of the book. 


Because I am extra, I added some more weights on top of the slab and covered it with more newspapers.

Step 4:

Gravity is doing the work, while it compresses the pages altogether you can now, spray it evenly from a careful distance.

Here’s the paint I used. 
Not so extra after all. Hahaha! The slab got painted, but it’s okay. Just don’t make the same mistake if you’re doing it too.

Tip! Check if there are uneven paint on the hard to reach areas of the book hindering from the book’s hardcover. One can easily spot this on paperbacks since it is even on the sides. Leave it for a good 5 minutes to dry [It depends, paint bottle’s instruction is a good 4 to 5 minutes].

  • Repeat the procedures on all sides of the book.

Step 5: 

When all the edges are sprayed; take it out of the weights and open up the pages letting the air get in there.


I have removed the newspaper covers and returned its dust jacket.





Step 6:

Clean up the place you have work on, and admire the beauty of your work!



For my first attempt, this was very impressive. As of now, I had spray painted two of my books and one with my aunt’s 2019 Planner.

Let’s Chat! Do you love trying out thing for yourself too? Have you spray painting your books yourselves?


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