7 Lies Bookworms Had Told Themselves

Being a reader through the course of time and especially when on a reading streak, one had spoken out lies that your family and friends got their eyes rolling. Right? I have here seven lies that mostly we readers tried to convince ourselves but still ended up doing, the inevitability of it all.

Things listed in here are solely based from my personal experience and observations upon the bookish community and bookish friends.

1. The classic “just one more page”, “or chapter”.

Please, we all know how instances like this end up. It ends up pulling an all-nighter, a set of new eye-bags, and a finished book. Or in a worst case, a sob-fest suffering from all that feels may it be pure joy or rage.

And do, admit, it’s still something we try to avoid but cluelessly finds out when we are already fallen into the pit of excitement. And girl, was #worthit? Probably.

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2. My To-Be-Read pile is completely “under control”.

Ha-ha-ha, but really though is it really?

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7 Book Series I Need to Finish Before the Year Ends!

We all have that book pile to conquer, and I really am getting desperate in conquering mine so here are the books in my TBR that was kept on being bumped down; I now gave myself an ultimatum of getting through them before the year ends. The majority are from a series that I read the first book and enjoyed but never really got on with the sequel. Here are my books to conquer!

1. Mara Dyer Series by Michelle Hodkin

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I read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer years ago and easily fell in love with the eerie tone of the novel but most importantly Noah Shaw… This was back in, what 2015? I kept saying I will be reading this next. It‘s 2018, I really want to finish it so I can clear it from The List.

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