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ICYMI: January 2019 Releases!

Well, look at that. Another month went and passed. Hope you had an amazing January! Truthfully, I am one of those people who’s not caught up with book releases in a month. I am hitting two birds with one rock with this post right now. I wanted a new feature on the blog. And I am getting myself aware with more of the releases in a month. I just hope that I can keep it up whole year round.

Let’s review which books released this month; in case you missed some… Most titles featured in this list are under adult, young adult and middle-grade books. Continue reading “ICYMI: January 2019 Releases!”

7 Contemporary Young Adult, You Must Read in 2019! (there may be a giveaway you’d be interested in entering…)

As we progress into the last days of the last month for the year, phew that was wordy… As a  countdown to hype up for 2019. I had been listing down 7 Books from different genres that I am most excited about for the next year.

Since my recent discovery? of these titles among many, I had been growing restless to get my hands on an advanced reading copy(ies), I really hope to be approved of at least just one. And I had been scraping a few pesos to score a pre-order to any of them. I had been trying my luck on giveaways and I may have won one! I am really thankful. The universe is aligning with me. And I want this energy to be until the end of this year and 2019.

Speaking of giveaways, I happen to be hosting one too. It’s on Instagram if you’re interested. I post books there, nothing grand basically book on hand and leafy background. If you want to know more about that click here.

Back to the List! Here are 2019 releases that may interest you too! I have here a mixture of almost everything and everyone. It features a diverse set of authors and characters for all of us to enjoy soon… I know there are more titles to see, but for now, here you go!

Spoiler Alert! Your eye may suffer from multiple eyegasms! Continue reading “7 Contemporary Young Adult, You Must Read in 2019! (there may be a giveaway you’d be interested in entering…)”

90’s Kid Book Tag

I saw this tag from Sara of The Bibliophagist. Click that blog and give her some love too!


  1. Link back to the creator The Literary Phoenix to show her some love as a thank you!
  2. Freeze tag was all the rage in the 90s. Tag people you think would have fun with this!
  3. Have fun getting all nostalgic!

Pokemon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
The author you need every book from.

A difficult question I am going with my feelings of “at the moment” and say…

Leigh Bardugo

Image result for queen gif

A queen, I stan.

Book that connected you with your best friend.

My great gods and goddesses, I formed a deeper friendship with my best friend through Percy Jackson Books by Rick Riordan! We were such a goof then. I think we still are. Whenever I see her or our other friends we kind of still call ourselves the character names from that series. And still, argue over who’s who.

Continue reading “90’s Kid Book Tag”

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