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Round-Up: April // The biggest month yet? Endgame? Game of Thrones? Descendant of the Crane release day? Did I survive?

Did I survive? NO. I still am picking up the pieces.

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It’s you girl here, Justine! How did your month fare?

Mine was relaxing and anxiety-inducing at the same time? Hahaha! April in the Philippines features a lot of holidays, like even a week for it. There was Araw ng Kagitingan and the Holy Week for devout Catholics in here, celebrating senakulo and penintensya, watching the prosisyon out in the streets of some in Manila and definitely happening in the provincial I am sure of.

How can I say it was relaxing and anxiety-inducing? Well at work, there had been so little to do since, yes holidays. But there’s also that threat looming ahead that says, don’t relax too much. It’ll come and bite you back in the ass. I can’t help but feel that at times. I became antsier and really disgusting around people but I have to high-key hide the panic settling in.

Still, I had a four-day holiday staycation, que sera sera. I read a book, wrote some blog posts, and participated in another readathon, the Avengers Readathon 19. By the way, have you seen Endgame? Are you up to date with The Game of Thrones? I MEAN. Y’ALL. Should I be disappointed? Should I be jumping with sheer joy? I haven’t processed them all. I had been hiding from the internet too. Not just because of spoilers. I am growing okay, being spoiled but really, I don’t have the energy to? I want old self to get in spirits and be active over social media again? SEND HELP.

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Round-Up: March 2019 // rants, blessings, and everything in between…


How are you all?  I had been very busy this month. I had been more productive than ever. Not reading-wise though. Remember when I opened up about my mental health last month? I tried to keep a great head on my shoulder for the last week of February. I feel it then and I am feeling it a lot more now, better. I had been eating and moving around right. Keeping everything in a healthy amount. Going outside, walking, trying to de-stress whenever I feel anxiety is creeping back up to get me. I try. It will always be there. I am keeping it all in a positive note. Continue reading “Round-Up: March 2019 // rants, blessings, and everything in between…”

Round-Up: February 2019 // opening up about my mental health, apologies, thanking friends, a book haul?!, and more book blabbering…

We are two days short in the month of February, literally! I refuse to believe that it already has blurred by in a whip. What happened? Apparently for a month so short a lot had occurred.

February has been a passive-aggressive month for me. I don’t talk much about my inner-inner personal life in monthly round-ups if you’ll notice. I really don’t. I hate talking about myself. I mean, I’d rather talk about me liking or expressing disappointment over books. But me? Yuck. Nu-uh. Hahaha!

I know you didn’t sign up for it but here I go talk about inner-inner self…

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Round-Up: January 2019 || A year filled with challenges, Asian book cover reveals (already) & I’m co-hosting my first readathon?!

Not this month slump, not this month. With the holidays came another looming slump, I got rid of it before the month starts. January literally started with a bang! I’ve read so much and still is hyped over so many things revealed on Book Twitter, in the Book Community in general.

There was cover reveals happening week after week? They were all goosebump inflicting gorgeous, an aromantic book to look out for written by Michelle Kan entitled Come Drink With Me. Book cover reveals from Kat Zhang, Hafzah Faisal, Farah Naz Rishi, Kat Cho and I may be missing more…

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December Wrap-Up; blogging resolutions, reading goals, friends made, bloggers whom I admire…

Happy New Year! And I am doing a poor job at my suppose to be one resolution, hahaha! You know what they say “better late than never”. I know what you’re thinking, sure Justine, whatever floats your boat. But know this, I am trying.

December has been a slow month for me reading-wise. After my last read on December 16th. I took a different path; I had binge-watched movies and this TV series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I always wanted to see that show, ever since I saw Will Smith in Men in Black. I had a huge admiration at Will Smith. Then his other movies, dude made me laughed and cry (The Pursuit of Happyness y’all). And finding out he started out from a TV show was a cherry on top. Plus, I hadn’t use my money’s worth with our HOOQ subscription.

Aside from my watching shenanigans, I had been hanging with my grandmother. It was an amazing experience. I went and gone with her on her errands for this holidays. And my ears were filled with stories I would never think of. It warms my heart to see her as she is today, I mean through 79 years- and will be turning the big eight-oh this April. We’re going to be quite busy then. And I held my very first book giveaway over Instagram. It has been a success. I am overwhelmed by the support and love you gave me there. And would definitely be hosting another one soon, but it surely will be held on Twitter. Hehe.

Christmastime and New Year passed by in a haste. I am truly grateful for each and every one of you who I made friends with, acquainted with and will know more! I hope you’ll stick with me through 2019 and beyond too.

As my favorite accidental bi-character said…

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November Wrap-Up: Where I binge-watched more than I read, I think?

Better late than never… I had no idea it already was the 1st of December! I hadn’t drafted this yet then.

November passed by like the wind. Is it because it has been one busy month for me or I am growing forgetful? Anyway, busy with nothing. Then decided to binge rewatch the whole Marvel’s Avengers Movies. I failed by the way. I had more success in rewatching films like The Hunger Games, Death Cure, Back to the Future Trilogy, 13 Going 30 (thanks, a lot Ariana.) I stopped at the 1st Avenger Movie and planning on continuing… Why? I just IDK what to do with my life. HAHAHA

On to the books, Justine!

Books Read

The Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1)      The Rose Society (The Young Elites, #2)    The Midnight Star (The Young Elites, #3)

The Young Elites – Marie Lu

The Rose Society – Marie Lu

The Midnight Star – Marie Lu Continue reading “November Wrap-Up: Where I binge-watched more than I read, I think?”

October Wrap-Up + My Mini Readathons!

In the Philippines, Halloween isn’t celebrated as grand as it is in the West. Fair enough there had been, themed shows, parks (the scare houses), here locally that features such events. And I loved them all. Well, it is quite* enough for me. I am a couch potato after all.

I have curated a mini Halloween readathon for myself. So, that I won’t disappoint others in the process of not succeeding haha!* 

Fortunately, that isn’t the case this month. It seems like I went overboard than my monthly usual reading. I had marathoned some Throne of Glass novels, and the aforementioned mini themed readathon, plus other books.

🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

Read Books

The Law of Inertia    I Do Not Trust You     Carols and Chaos    Peas, Carrots and an Aston Martin (The Peas and Carrots Series #1)

Law of Inertia – S. Gonzales

I Do Not Trust You – Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz

Peas, Carrots and an Aston Martin – Hannah Lynn

Carols and Chaos – Cindy Antsey Continue reading “October Wrap-Up + My Mini Readathons!”

September Wrap-Up & Books I’ve Won

September started out uneventful, hadn’t read a book much on the first week, not even a sniff, well not until its second week. And turned out quiet of a reading streak for me. Who knew? I had a continuous hit reads, up to my last book for this month. And I have won a couple of books from giveaways I have joined it’s really amazing. Without further ado, my September…

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Books I’ve Read

What the Woods Keep – Katya de Becerra


A Blade So Black – L.L. McKinney

Review | Guest Post

What the Woods Keep         A Blade So Black

If The Dress Fits – Carla de Guzman

The Queen’s Game – Carla de Guzman

Reviews for both If the Dress Fits and The Queen’s Game

If The Dress Fits     The Queen's Game

Trashy Romance Novel – Jacqueline E. Smith Continue reading “September Wrap-Up & Books I’ve Won”

August Wrap-Up & Birthday Haul + Granted Bookish Wishes

I think this is the best birthday yet! Despite aforementioned mom traveling, her not around for my birthday and my dad for that matter he’s gone back schooling… Anyways, I have been bonding with my two sets of grandparents (both of my parents, parents.) were there with me and my brother for two weeks. It was back to memory lane, for them I wasn’t even born yet. They told me stories about them around my age even younger and told me about my parents being babies too. It sure feels weird. Continue reading “August Wrap-Up & Birthday Haul + Granted Bookish Wishes”

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